European Court of Human Rights

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is a court in Strasbourg (France) set up by the EU.

The ECHR examines state acts in legislation, administration or jurisdiction to see if they violate the European Convention on Human Rights.

It offers citizens the opportunity to bring charges as victims.

This form of practical legal protection is unique in the history of human rights.

It shows how human rights and Europe can reinforce each other.

Although representatives of the Romanian State deny it,

with its accession to the European community of values on 1 January 2007, Romania made a commitment to respect everyone’s dignity – even of inmates or gays – or to take responsibility for it in front of the ECHR.

Here is the official website of the ECHR.

However, bringing a case before the Court is not easy and a lot of people do not know their rights.

We will try to help and we will make available various complaints, descriptions and information, so that more people can understand how important it is to report criminal offences and the violation of human rights.


It seems to us as though the EU authorities intentionally want to prevent people from filing too many claims by making the application process so unclear and complicated that a “normal” person cannot successfully lodge an application without the help of an expensive lawyer without being immediately rejected by the Court.