German Embassy Bucharest

German Embassy in Bucharest:

About the absolutely incredible abuses, especially in the German Embassy in Bucharest, we will report you in detail shortly.

We will publish evidence, we report on our experiences and we tell others that are allowed by the competent authority in the lurch.

On the subject, we have included clips from a movie below.

For us (Daniel and Matthias and our supporters) are these film clips as déjà vu.

The film tells the story of torture of German citizens, and of how the competent German representation simply "look the other way", to work problems out of the way.

We recognize much from this scandal film. Has the behavior of partly "long-time employee" of the German Embassy in Bucharest – Romania, like scandalous conditions.

Apparently still nothing it was learned! Therefore, we are forced to clear up some things. Also, our members had to reimburse criminal complaint against a former employee of the German Embassy in Bucharest. Because in the run-up to any complaint at the Embassy and the Foreign Ministry has been ignored.

You can watch → here the entire movie.

The film is called: the story in the first: the sect of the torturer

He reports of torture, rape of minors, etc. The "Colonia Dignidad" presented opposite the German Embassy as and externally as a German settlement of pattern – actually she was the scene of an unprecedented crime. The cover-up continues to this day, many victims are waiting for compensation for decades…

The native representation of (a German Embassy) or their employees / officials, often not really the job of a diplomatic mission of a State in the seat of Government of another State accepts many is not clear.

Often think that E.g. German, from abroad (especially in the EU) into an emergency situation, the assistance is guaranteed.

However, we can help for Germans abroad (e.V.) together with others, and also the Club Prove, the messages often 'doing nothing'.

A revelation by former employees of a German Embassy shows that apparently even illicit funds, cash rewards, and social security fraud are in the game.

The Green MP Franziska Brantner demanded a thorough and clear awareness of the allegations. It must also be clarified whether there were similar incidents in other countries…

If there are similar incidents at the Embassy in Bucharest, we can prove, but lots of other…

We often have the impression as if the employees of our German Home representation before town, the corrupt (sometimes perverse) Romanian ministers, officials and employees of the institutions erbittlich · obedient · and be obedient.

Said in German, we and many others have to the impression, dear "in the ass is crawled" rather than human rights relations, true, out of fear regarding the international or out of fear with regard to economic growth and trade relations with Romania .

It could be that the German corporations, can sell the poorest of the poor in Romania, not all substandard to expensive prices, what is no longer needed in Germany. If German "diplomats" would dare, about torture and maltreatment, oppression, corruption and mismanagement of EU funds would talk it might be Yes to their crimes feel caught the Romanian politician / dictators, and out of spite Trade ban.

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Dirty money cash in German Embassy?

The breaks in the press mentioned film (financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with German taxpayers), regarding "Elegant accommodation" German diplomats can look at → here.