Rahova prison on fire

Due to a riot regarding the inhuman prison conditions in ALL so-called Romanian prisons, a big fire broke out in the so-called Rahova prison in Bucharest.

The fire department

was intentionally not called to help extinguish the fire, despite the danger, because the prison feared the attention of the international press, possible investigations and complaints.

Daniel and Matthias had the misfortune of being locked in during the fire.

Luckily, they survived this tragedy.


Furthermore, they filed a complaint against the prison employees who refused to help them.

They also filed a complaint against the director of the prison and the directors of the Romanian National Administration of Penitentiaries (ANP).

There are no smoke detectors in a EU institution which accommodates over 1000 people.

Below you can gain an insight into the scandal. Soon we will post more videos where you can see the fear of death that Daniel and Matthias and other people experienced.

Video – No firefighters at major fire

The so-called psychologist of the torture institution Rahova acted as spokesperson.

She was lying through her teeth!

However, she confirmed that the fire department was not called, despite the fact that a major fire had broken out in a public institution of a member state of the European Union.

She confirmed that the fire was extinguished with water.

They threw water on burning live power lines? Water???

She concealed the fact that the fire had to be put out by inmates, by the so-called prison slaves (orderlies).

The supervising caretaker also participated in putting out the fire; he was about to retire and we had seen him sleeping at his desk during the day.

The so-called spokesperson also alleged in the video that the law is responsible for the fire. Because the inmates are allowed to have lighters.

She concealed the fact that the inmate started the fire in order to take a stand against the absolutely inhuman torture conditions.

She also lied about the fact that inmates were moved to other parts of the prison. After having spent an hour in the dense, toxic cloud of smoke,

we were put in a sort of hen house outside, shards of glass from the burning wooden windows of the hallway on the second floor fell on us.

We endured this, we received no medical care and afterwards we were sent back into the black, toxic, polluted cells.

The renovation works and removing the smell and the fine dust went on for months …

Criminal complaint was submitted also in terms of the fire directly after the fire of our lawyers.

After half a year, we were summoned then too so called police to say there out.

The corrupt policeman who wanted funds with all attempt to persuade us to not continue the display.

He tried it on different tours, and was doing very aggressive.

Only when our human rights lawyer came to add the date, the pressure was slightly less!

We had so much evidence, statements, videos and documents, which the police officer has seen that he has no chance,

the whole to hide in the name of the corrupt State system.

We asked him whether he’s normal finds that in an institution (in CA) 2000 people stay), in the Member State of the European Union, in a single room, a fire alarm is installed…

A response from the pages of the official remained!

In this regard we have shown criminal also the directors of the State prison administration of ANP.

However, as in all institutions in Romania, the directors change constantly, before it becomes “brenzlich”, and someone gets on the track.

Since the appointment in June, the police building and the Office full of ass-Kisser of the health system, we have heard nothing more from the case.

Probably, prosecutors have banned, which is something ahead!