Our arbitrary arrest

Many employees of the Romanian justice system use so-called “agents provocateurs”
(→ See Wikipedia for more information about agent provocateur), with the intention to involve wealthy-looking tourists in crimes and offences.
Thus, the authorities prepared a fake criminal file against us, they paid off a “witness” and some “victims” and forced them to sign written statements.
Our suffering began with physical and psychological torture, inhuman prison conditions, withdrawal of medical assistance, extreme physical violence, death threats, attempted murder, attempted (ordered) sexual abuse etc
The reason was to blackmail our family in order to obtain horrendous „compensations“ and further reinforce the extreme homophobia in the country.
To this day, we are in proven mortal danger, because we, together with our supporters, are in possession of thousands of documents,
telephone recordings, judgements, video and audio surveillance material that incriminate the state institutions.
The Romanian authorities would like to keep them secret.
Our documents reveal scandalous conditions in the police force and justice system of Romania, a member state of the EU.
We also have documents audio files regarding the abuse of young homeless people in shelters.
Furthermore, during our forced stay in various Romanian torture institutions, we were able to collect written statements from people (among them, underage victims) who can show, by taking into account other secret documents, what acts of torment and torture are present in everyday life in the EU.
In a country where people are oppressed through blackmail, torture and arbitrariness with the help of millions of corrupt employees of the state institutions.
They have a well-functioning network and operate in an organised manner in order to cover their ruthless actions.
We were also prevented to go back to our home country Germany in order to avoid a humiliation of the state institutions which would have caught media attention.
Romanian and German government officials refuse to start any investigations against the Romanian authorities – in spite of serious, conclusive evidence.
Our families and we want to present the degrading conditions in Romania, a member state of the EU, and bring the case against Romania to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).
The responsible individuals (judges, prosecutors, members of the police force, ministers, directors etc.)
should justify their actions in front of the International Criminal Court (ICC).
We want to reveal these human rights violations within the EU and put an end to them. Especially given the 2017 anniversary of Romania’s EU membership, such behaviour must not be ignored by the European courts.
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We subtitled a short film of the Romanian “propaganda press” and added further facts. You can find it → here or on our Facebook / YouTube page.

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