Our friend Dan Adamescu

We met Dan († 27 January 2017) in the infamous, small, over-priced shop inside the torture institution Rahova in Bucharest (the Rahova prison in Bucharest).

While we were waiting in front of the shop, Dan called us to go to him and told us in a desperate voice that he was also German, like us, but he had a Romanian name.

We talked about the German Embassy and the fact that no one there was helping us.

At the time, Dan’s condition was already very bad, he was in a wheelchair in front of the shop, his legs were swollen, he had been left there in front of the shop and he was waiting, just like us, to be picked up and taken back to his mouldy, small torture room, where he was locked in with many other inmates.

Dan had long been in the Minors section (Section 1), just like us. However, upon our request, we were moved a floor up, to Section 2.

Just like us, Dan was helplessly subjected to torture, bad smells, dirt and loud noises every day and every night.
His cell was primarily surrounded by helpless minors and adolescents aged between 14 and 21 years old who yelled, raged, started riots and fights all the time.

Up until Dan’s death, we did not know that he was well-known, we knew him as a nice, older, warm man.

We were deeply saddened by his death.

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Publisher Dan Adamescu passed away

Dan and Alexander – victims of state arbitrariness

Alexander Adamescu’s open letter

I will fight until the end to make known how much injustice was brought to him by an oppressive state, which confuses justice with narrow political interests and chose to sentence one of the few authentic business people.

May you rest in peace, father.


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The Adamescu case: 9 months after his death, the autopsy report is kept secret

Two German citizens who were detained in Rahova, the same prison in which Dan Adamescu did time, told their lawyer that Adamescu had suffered. Their lawyer sent their statement to the press on 30 September 2017.

We are the two German citizens (described at the end of the article). Daniel and Matthias


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The Facebook page – Friends of Alexander Adamescu

This page is being administered by the friends and family of Alexander Adamescu, a German citizen and legal resident of the United Kingdom, who is, just like us, a victim of political persecution by the Romanian State.

Here the link to Facebook page

Here the link to the Web page of the friends and family of Dan Adamescu

Here’s report on the website of the friends and family of Dan Adamescu regarding his death

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Soon we will make available further information regarding our relationship with Dan Adamescu and the torture he was subjected to in prison.