Homophobia is not just part of everyday life in Romania, it is also present in Romanian administration.

In particular, the homophobic attitude of the justice system and of the police has dramatic consequences.

It allows the government to tolerate hate crimes against gays and leads officials to perpetrate discrimination.

Proof of hateful abuse of power is made public time and again.

We (Daniel and Matthias) have become victims of homophobia on several occasions and will be reporting more on this topic shortly.

The European Court of Human Rights in Strassbourg condemned the Romanian State on 12 June 2016 for endorsing violence against gays and lesbians.

This judgement, which you can find in our list of links in original version, gives us hope, because we also experienced homophobic humiliation, torture and violence during our time in prison in Romania.

We want to file a complaint with the same Court in Strassbourg against all of the officials who participated in these events.

We invite you to see for yourself what the current situation of gays and lesbians in Romania looks like by reading the articles below ↓

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According to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), the investigation of the Romanian police in the attack of two participants in the Bucharest Pride in June 2006 was ineffective, flawed and revealed that the investigating authorities failed to take into account the prejudices against LGBTI people when examining the motives of the offence (Judgement of 12 April 2006).
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LGBTI hate crime victims failed by Romanian authoritiesWeb LinkEnglish
Romania Homophobic referendum overcomes first hurdle
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"Death to gays"Web LinkGerman
Homophobic referendum on the brink of successWeb LinkEnglish
Romania in 2017: Homophobic referendum waiting in the wings
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Jugdement of the European Court of Human Rights against Romania
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