No medical care

Medical care in Romania does not meet the minimum standards in the European Union.

The Romanian public health system has considerably lower standards than the German.

While under house arrest in Romania, we were completely denied medical care, and in Romanian torture institutions (so-called prisons) care is beneath human dignity.

Before you continue reading, watch the first film on this topic that we provide for you here.

Rumäniens staatliche Krankenhäuser sind der reinste Horror. Patienten haben dort keine Chance auf Heilung. Ärzte verlassen zu Tausenden das Land.,weltbilder5582.html

Posted by Weltbilder on Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2016

Romania – health system before the collapse?

German jail better than hospital in Romania

Soon we will release a scandalous video we made, which shows what exactly happened when we called the emergency number 112.

You will see that we were completely denied any medical care. Despite the fact that it was obviously an emergency and that we suffer from various chronic diseases.