Our evidence, documents and judgements

We want to make all pieces of evidence, documents, judgements, declarations, video and audio material public.

Among them there are official documents and video and audio material which prove the use of the so-called entrapment / → Agent Provocateur Agent Provocateur – google translate english

A large number of documents and files even show the intentional involvement of minors by the employees of the Romanian justice system and police force in these illegal actions.

Further documents prove violations of human rights conventions in the so-called prisons.

Some of these documents were leaked to us and the people who did this risked their lives in the process.

Furthermore, we have boxes full of documents which clearly show the arbitrariness of the corrupt justice system in the most “dazzling colours”.

On the one hand, the authorities have not even tried to conceal these facts, because the so-called judges and prosecutors will not be sanctioned at all.

On the other hand, the people involved have been so “stupid” as to unintentionally confirm scandalous facts (legal violations) in writing.

Moreover, we have a document provided by the German authorities that explicitly proves legal violations.

We will make these documents available shortly, one by one.

Please wait.