Negotiation, yesterday against the so-called jail Rahova Bucharest

Yesterday we were including Witness doctor Hope summoned one of which scandal cases “one hundred” to negotiate, that this happened to us.
Dr. Hope (at that time itself captive in Rahova, commissioned by 2 racist, homophobic guards to drag already much too small “cell”, in our and us should be there if possible sexual abuse.

The whole thing was thought out revenge against us, but also against Dr. Hope, because we brought to display all human rights violations.

Prison Rahova, however out of fear tried the case to rotate, and we tried to insinuate racist behavior. And (as usual and deliberately in such cases) had tried to sanction us make us silence. Against these sanctions we have appealed of course in the public court, outside the detention center.

Rahova has denied yesterday, as usual the recordings of the surveillance camera of the judge. With the excuse that they are already deleted, because the case is too long in the past. But you had not expect, that we verifiably applied directly after the incident at the corrupt management of the JVA, not to delete these awards.

Also you have not expect, that we have a copy for the thick file in this respect and get approved. So we finally have the names of the perverted warden, and may refund criminal complaint in this respect.

Embarrassing, embarrassing, this action once again! And again they think have the power in your good running dictatorship in middle of the European Union, and no one outside some of it doesn’t.

But not with us, and our steadily growing team!

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